This Year In Minnesota There Will Be Over 15,000 Divorces.

Most Will Be Stressful. Time Consuming. Hard On Any Children Involved. And Expensive.

(It Is Estimated A Litigated Divorce Will Cost $11,000 To Over $36,000 … Per Person!)

But There Is An Alternative …
We Call It

The Better Divorce

Most Couples Think They Have To Hire Divorce Attorneys. But The Truth Is, It’s Generally Not Necessary. While Getting Help With Your Divorce Is A Good Thing, A Litigated Divorce Using Lawyers May Not Be So Good For You. But Divorce Mediation Usually Is.

The Typical Divorce

  • Each Person Needs A Divorce Attorney

  • A Judge Will Decide For You

  • Costs Can Quickly Get Out Of Control

  • Stressful & Often Hostile

  • Hard On Your Children

  • Not Private & Of Public Record

  • Decree Does Not Address Changes In Future

The Better Divorce

  • Just One Divorce Mediator Is Needed

  • You & Your Spouse Will Decide

  • Fees Typically Fixed Upfront & Split

  • Cooperative & Collaborative

  • Easier On Your Children

  • Confidential & Private

  • Agreement Plans For The Future

Divorce Mediation Is A Viable, Proven Alternative To A Typical Divorce. It Creates A Supportive And Constructive Environment That Promotes Communication And Balances Power Differences. In Other Words, It

What’s The First Step?

If you want to avoid the stress and cost of a litigated divorce, and think divorce mediation might be best for your divorce, it’s time to meet with us.

FREE No Obligation 1-Hour Consultation

At the consultation, the mediator will get a sense of your case and answer your questions about divorce and the mediation process.

The consultation is also an opportunity for couples to get a sense of the neutral role of the mediator and what the working sessions will be like.

The mediator will also offer other resources that may be helpful to you both when deciding what to do next. If mediation appeals to both of you, you may then schedule a working session.

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