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Erickson Divorce Mediation Services

Erickson Divorce Mediation Services is the oldest and most established family law mediation Minnesota firm. Opened in 1977, we were the third private practice in the country. As pioneers in the field, we created the first divorce mediation training in 1980, and literally “wrote the book” (first training manual) that is still used world-wide and has trained thousands of mediators.

  • Awarded the Certificate of Service, Minnesota State Bar Association, in recognition of “distinguished service as valued contributors for the development and growth of ADR in Minnesota.”

  • Awarded the Distinguished Mediator Award by the New York State Council on Divorce Mediation in recognition of “their pioneering and sustained work in establishing the field and their soulful dedication in helping families” over the last 35 years.

  • Featured on numerous local and national media television, radio and internet outlets, often consulted for divorce-related stories and issues.

What Is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation, a part of the overall category of family mediation, is essentially a negotiation in which you and your spouse discuss ending your divorce with a neutral third party.With the mediator’s help, you work through the issues you need to resolve in order to end your marriage as amicably and cost effectively as possible.

How Does The Process Work?

During the process, all the issues that need to be addressed in a final divorce decree will be discussed and agreed upon, such as:
– Real And Personal Property
– Division Of Assets And/or Liabilities
– Tax Considerations
– Spousal Maintenance
– Child Support
– Living Arrangements For The Children
– Parenting Responsibilities
– Plans For Possible Future Changes

What Is A Mediator?

A divorce mediator is a professional who intervenes when couples are in conflict and wish to end their marriage or relationship, and, while remaining neutral, guides the couple to a settlement that is acceptable to all involved.
Mediators do not make decisions, provide therapy, provide legal representation or perform legal services for divorcing people, but do devote their energy to helping participants obtain fair agreements.

How Much Does It Cost In Minnesota?

There are approximately 15,000 divorces in Minnesota a year. The average cost of a divorce ranges from about $11,000 to over $36,000.*
For a mediated divorce, this number varies between mediators and situations. After completing almost 10,000 mediations, we know everything that needs to be done, and have packages that range from $1250 to $4750 that include everything a divorce mediation in Minnesota requires.

This website is for informational purposes only. It is not legal advice. Your visiting this website or if you have contact with us, it does not constitute a legal contract. Divorce mediation can replace having to deal with a divorce lawyer. If you have any questions about Erickson Divorce Mediation please feel free to Contact Us.  Divorce Mediation Minneapolis |  Divorce Mediator In Minnesota |  Divorce Mediation Or Divorce Litigation |  About Us